Norwegian Language Test

The Norwegian Language Test is a national examination which you can take at Horten kommunale voksenopplæring. The test is held three times a year, in March, in May/June and in November/December. It consists an oral and a written test. The written test is electronic.

The test has 3 - Klikk for stort bilde

  • A1/A2 level
  • A2/B1 level
  • B1/B2 level


Applying for the Test

If you have the right and obligation to Norwegian language training, you also have right to one free oral and one free written Norwegian Language Test. Please contact us if you would like to apply for a free test. If you have a residence permit which gives right and obligation to Norwegian language training after September 1st, 2013, you also have an obligation to take a final Norwegian language test.

Students who must pay for the test apply online here.



Norwegian language test


900 NOK per test

Oral and/or written (1800 NOK for both tests).
Additional 50 NOK fee if paid in cash or Vipps.

Norwegian language test - partial


400 NOK per partial test

3 partial tests: listening, reading and writing.
Additional 50 NOK fee if paid in cash or Vipps.


More information on the Norwegian language test here.



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