Norwegian Courses

Horten kommunale voksenopplæring offers student-funded Norwegian daytime and evening courses. There are 3 course terms in a school year. The courses we offer in each term can vary with regard to the number of applicants for each level. Course start subject to a sufficient number of applicants.

Who must pay for a Norwegian language course?

  • Au pairs
  • Work immigrants from European Union countries with a residence permits according to EEA/EFTA regulations.
  • Students
  • Citizens of Northern countries (Sweden, Finland, Danmark and Island).

For more information, see IMDI (in Norwegian).


Student-funded courses in 2021


Start date

Hours in total


Norwegian courses - daytime

August 18th

99 school hours

(3 days per week)

6 350 NOK

Norwegian courses - evening time
(A1, A2, B1, B2)

August 24th

33 school hours 

Tuesdays (and two Thursdays) 17.30-20.00

3 000 NOK


How to apply?

Fill out and send an online application.

We will contact you before the beginning of a new course period. 


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