Evening Courses

Horten kommunale voksenopplæring offers evening Norwegian courses at 5 different proficiency levels (Course start subject to a sufficient number of applicants). The teaching focuses on active conversations training and oral exercises in addition to writing skills. The students are given homework on every course evening.


New courses begin:

August 24th 2021 - application deadline: As soon as possible.

Course schedule:

Tuesdays from 17:30-20:00, a total of 33 school hours.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee: 3 000 NOK per course.

The course tuition is paid up front, and students must show a confirmation of payment on the first course evening. The book that will be used during the course is not included in the fee and must be bought beforehand.

How to apply?

Send an online application here.

Which level should I apply for?

Course 1

Beginners course, level A1

Level A1

Can understand short simple instructions. Can greet people and participate in short conversations.

Course 2

Norwegian course, level A1+ (for those who have learned a bit)

Level A1

Can understand short simple instructions. Can greet people and participate in short conversations.

Course 3

Norwegian course at A2 level

Level A2

Can describe oneself, one’s living environment, education and work. Can read and write simple short texts.

Course 4

Norwegian course at B1 level

Level B1

Can participate in most daily conversations. Can read and understand simple structured texts. Can write understandable text, present one’s views and justify them.

Course 5

Norwegian course at a higher level (B2)

Please contact the school for more information. The course has own price and program.

Level B2

Can understand complex texts and express oneself clearly with subtle nuances on different topics. Can read and understand fiction literature and write clear and detailed texts in different genres.

Starting a new course is subject to a sufficient number of applications received. It is possible for changes in tuition fees and course schedules to occur. All students have the right to register for Norwegian courses, independent of whether they pay tuition or have the right to free language training.

Please contact the school if you have any questions.


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